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We are Schulte & Co.

At Schulte, we want to use our mission and vision statements to capture existing values and define future standards. Schulte employees have defined principles and visions and described their practical and future-oriented actions. The Schulte Group's mission statement now serves us, in our growth phase, to combine tradition and future. We live our mission statement and work every day to implement our visions.
The service and performance of Schulte employees are based on flexibility, loyalty and commitment.
We exceed our customers' expectations. Through solution-oriented action, we constantly improve our products and services.
For us, quality means carefully and consistently implementing clear processes and constantly developing them further. Sustainable process improvements are secured by the qualification of our employees. Careful and reliable employees contribute to flawless products and services on time.
Employees production
International and local presence, combined with down-to-earthness and tradition, are the pillars of the family business.
By dealing with each other in an appreciative manner, we lead in a goal-oriented manner according to rules and guidelines, and on the basis of equal treatment.
Through early and partnership-based cooperation, we secure the requirements throughout the entire supply chain. We achieve optimum quality and delivery conditions through partnership-based and process-accompanying cooperation with our suppliers.
Through innovation and new technologies, we shape the future with our customers. Through innovative projects and the continuous further qualification of our employees, we ensure the innovation and research of new technologies to meet future-oriented requirements.
We see safety and health as a social responsibility. We consider the safety, physical and mental health of each employee to be of the utmost importance. Examples include the introduction of company integration management meetings, cooperation with the employers' liability insurance association, consideration of ergonomic requirements, adaptation of protective equipment, G examinations, offers of voluntary medical examinations.
Through open communication, we promote respect and trust, team spirit and the ability to take criticism. Open communication means dealing with each other directly and honestly, and respecting each other. This allows us to grow more together as a team.
We invest in strategic human resources development.