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Conductor rails

Made by Schulte

Busbar connection copper

Contacts in hybrid vehicles

We produce copper busbars according to customer requirements at our Hemer site. The components can be used for different on-board voltages (12V, 48V and high-voltage), both in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Busbars are essential for power distribution in modern electric vehicles and are highly customized to the specifications of the respective vehicle models.



Each vehicle model has its own unique requirements that must be taken into account in the design of this critical component. The individual requirements in terms of size, shape and material used, but also in terms of manufacturing complexity, play an essential role in the production of the busbars.

High-voltage contacts

Versatile contacting is possible with the busbars, which are visualized here as examples. Busbars have also become standard in the high-voltage range used in purely electrically powered vehicles.

Functional safety

The necessary components produced by Schulte & Co. meet the requirements of functional safety.