Schulte & Co. GmbH


Sustainability guideline
for suppliers


For Schulte & Co. GmbH, including its subsidiaries, is bound by the United Nations Global Compact United Nations (United Nations Global Compact), the ILO (International Labor Organization), as well as the basic principles listed in other relevant regulations form the basis of our actions. For the We have drawn up a sustainability guideline for joint implementation with our suppliers, which is also our declaration of principles. With this sustainability guideline, we call on our suppliers to uphold and respect general human rights and laws, and to demand the same from their own suppliers. and to demand the same from their own suppliers.
As a supplier to the automotive industry, we are aware that our business activities can have an impact on human rights and the environment, among other things. Consequently we are guided in particular by the guiding principles of the automotive industry in order to identify industry-specific risks and improve sustainability in the supply chain. supply chain. Against this backdrop, we are continuously developing our existing integrated risk management system in order to respond to human rights and environmental risks. risks.
The relevant issues are methodically considered and evaluated as part of the risk analysis. If necessary, measures and, if required, escalation measures are initiated in order to prevent the human rights and environmental obligations appropriately and as far as possible. possible. Furthermore, information on actual or potential breaches of regulations can be can be submitted via our whistleblower system.