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Our engineers develop cable sets and the necessary components for our customers in their installation spaces. In the process, we take into account the connection geometries and routing requirements for fuse boxes, power distributors and aggregates during contacting.

By using all commercially available cable protection and sealing systems, contacting systems from well-known manufacturers, as well as almost all cable types used in the automotive industry in the power range, we can react flexibly to customer requirements.


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The main focus of our portfolio is on ground straps, battery connection cables and self-sufficient cable sets for power applications in automobiles - from prototypes to series production. Wire cross-sections from 0.35 - 120mm² are processed on a wide range of modern cutting and slinging machines. We always take into account the electrical requirements, the interfaces, the customers' installation spaces and the physical-technical requirements, such as temperature, vibration loads or other environmental conditions.
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