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Flowering meadow

100 years Schulte & Co GmbH - 100m² flowering meadow in Hemer

Schulte & Co GmbH is celebrating a remarkable anniversary this year - 100 years of successful business activity. As a company steeped in tradition, Schulte has undergone impressive development over the years and established itself as a major player in the Hemer region.

Contribution to environmental protection

To properly celebrate this milestone year and at the same time contribute to environmental protection, we decided to support the local project "beepart" and to buy a 100m² flowering meadow in Kalthof. For this flowering sponsorship we have received a certificate, as well as a packet of seeds, which we will of course also sow on our company property.

This initiative is an expression of our company's commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, while at the same time underscoring our close ties to the region.

The flowering meadow will not only add aesthetic value, but also create an important habitat for insects and other endangered species, thus making a positive contribution to the preservation of biodiversity.

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Responsibility for the environment

The decision to purchase a flowering meadow demonstrates the efforts of Schulte & Co. GmbH not only to be economically successful, but also to take responsibility for the environment and the community. It underlines the commitment to sustainable development and the willingness to find innovative solutions to minimize the environmental impact of the operation.

We hope that this example will inspire other companies and organizations to implement similar projects and build a more sustainable future together.