Schulte & Co GmbH

We are Schulte

Our connection from the past to the future

We, at Schulte & Co. want to adhere traditional values and define future standards with our mission statement. The employees of Schulte & Co. have set principles and visions and described their practical and future-proof actions. The new mission Statement of Schulte & Co. serves to connect the traditions and the future of our company during the growth phase. Bringing the new mission statement to life, we put our visions into practice every day.


The readiness for service and performance of the Schulte employees is based on flexibility, loyalty and commitment.


We exceed the expectations of our customers. Through solution-orientated processing, we continuously improve our products and services.


To us, quality means to consequently fulfill defined processes and always try to improve them. Sustained process improvements are ensured by the qualification of the employees. Qualified, diligent and reliable employees contribute to perfect products and services on time.


International and local presence, connected to traditions and down-to-earthness, are the pillars of the family business.


Respectful contact with each other, based on rules and requirements, leads to solutions.


Close and early cooperation ensures the requirements of the whole supply chain. Close process-related cooperation with our suppliers enables us to achieve the highest quality and delivery conditions.


Modern and innovative technologies enable us to shape the future together with our customers. Innovative projects and the continuous qualification of our employees ensure innovations and new technologies to fulfill the future requirements of our customers.


Safety and health are our responsibility. Safety, physical and psychological health of every employee are the highest goods. Some examples are the introduction of rehabilitation measures, co-work with the insurance association, consideration of ergonomic requirements, adequate personal protective equipment, basic investigations, offers for voluntary medical examinations


We promote respect, trust, team spirit and critical faculty through open communication. Open communication means to be direct and honest, but also to respect each other. This way we can grow together as a team and company.


We invest in a strategic staff development.

Environmental policy

The management of the company Schulte & Co. is aware that all activities in touch with construction, production, sales and distribution have a directly or indirectly influence associated with the environment. Environment protection at Schulte & Co. gets an binding integral part of our corporate activities. Ecological responsibility and economic success are not a contradiction for us.


Environmentally aware action and protection of the environment matters every employee.

Law and Regulation:

We commit ourselves to continuous compliance with legal requirements and statutory provisions and also with systematically improve the energy and environmental performance of our company.

Prevention of ecological damage:

For all industrial activities and products, we consider the entire life cycle. This means avoiding environmental pollution, minimizing the consumption of energy, water, resources and the generation of waste.

Continuous improvement process:

We commit ourselves to analyze regular all energy and environmental performances for Improvement measures, in order to initiate measures for improvement if necessary.

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